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Carol is a super star. She has been my real estate agent on 7 home buying transactions and 5 home selling transactions over a 20 year period. Her knowledge of market conditions is excellent. I trust she has always had my best interests in mind as we have moved through each of process. She is also highly respected by her colleagues. This allows her to negotiate well and allows the agents representing the other party to have confidence in the positions she takes. Her assistant, Louise, makes sure everything moves quickly and smoothly. They are a formidable team.

How would you like to find an agent that you rave about 18 years AFTER you’ve bought your house? We did and we are. Carol is the consummate professional who makes house hunting at once fun and a good business deal. When Carol manages your deal, you realize that nothing replaces experience or an agent that truly cares about your needs.

My family has worked with Carol Jeans for many years now and she has been our real estate agent for 4 transactions. She is the best in the business. Her knowledge of the real estate market, professionalism, and authenticity is unmatched and unwavering. The most recent home search was for my elderly father who had very specific needs for an ideal home. The search took a year, and she stayed the course by taking the time to show us houses on a weekly basis. Carol was very patient and determined; she has always made sure everyone's needs are met.

Maybe above all else, Carol is a genuine, thoughtful, hardworking and overall wonderful human being. We look forward to working with her in the future, and I recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent.

Your extreme professionalism gave us the confidence that we would find a house! Your warmth and personality are evident in all the lives you’ve touched.

We got to Carol by referral from a friend. We were first time buyers in the US (had bought  houses in Germany before but the process is completely different). Carol explained us the complete process and terms, guided us through all the steps and was very patient with us as clients. She gave us patiently all the time that we needed to find the house that was exactly right for us, having a good feeling about what we like and need. We were very successful with her and the best compliment that I can make here is that I didn't have a single sleepless night during the complete process - something that is really unusual if you're considering the size of such a transaction. Thanks again Carol! We will most definitely refer you to our friends and get back to you ourselves whenever we need a trusted realtor again!

Carol is amazing! She has been our agent for multiple transactions and we trust her implicitly. Her professionalism is exemplary, she is extremely knowledgeable, she goes way above and beyond any expectations, she truly cares about her clients, and is an absolute delight to work with. I cannot recommend Carol highly enough - she is extraordinary!

You are amazing in every aspect - honesty, professionalism, pacing your client, remembering our goals, not pushing but knowing when to nudge and when to tell us to stay away from a property

Wow – we did it! And it’s all because of you! Thank you for everything you’ve done and taught us. We feel so lucky to have had such an honest, knowledgeable and fun person to work with.

We have bought 3 homes with Carol -- every experience and all 3 were nothing short of A+.  She is a professional that custom tailors every experience to your needs, and gets you past the finish line with tremendous satisfaction.  Leaving 3 decades of experience and wisdom aside, Carol's commitment is unfettered and is complimented with a caring, empathetic and patient personality.  That makes her a terrific negotiator and problem solver -- what is unique about Carol is that she makes everyone on both sides of the transaction feel great about the outcome.  On a related note, her effectiveness is the same whether it's at the top or lower end of the market -- you get the A+ professional.

I've bought and sold several properties with Carol over the past 30 years, as has my entire family.  We love her!  She's very personable, calm, extremely capable and competent, despite very stressful situations.  She knows the market, knows how to negotiate, and is so professional and a delight to work with.  I highly recommend Carol - she's just the best!

We moved to California from Chicago. We were not very familiar with the California real estate joys.  I had picked a few other real estate agents, but none had really felt like they were interested in more than just making a transaction.  Until we met Carol.  Not only did she stick with us for 9 months as we constantly changed our minds on what we wanted, but even months after buying our home, if there is a question I have about anything related to the house, Carol is the first call I make.  And it's amazing how responsive she is.  She has assured me that she will be my home hot line for the rest of my life.  It is such a pleasure dealing with her, that we consider her a friend of the family. We hope to buy another home with her in a few years as our needs grow.  Thank you Carol.  You rock!!!

If you want the best, most patient, sweetest, and an unbelievable experience, Carol is your pick.  We have worked with Carol on several home buying/selling transactions, and adored working with her.  She goes beyond the call of duty, and gives 100% of her time, attention and TLC, to every home sale and/or purchase.  Her years of dedication show, and bring a huge  benefit to all the complicated details of real estate.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!

I met Carol through a friend who had worked with her to buy his home. I was extremely nervous about buying my first home, especially in the Silicon Valley real estate market. I did not need to be. Carol had everything under control, from explaining the most basic elements to me to connecting me with an equally-amazing loan officer. The best part was, that even as I was starting to lose hope that I would find something within my budget, Carol never lost hope. In May of 2016, we found it. After a careful look-over of the place, Carol said, "I think this is the one." We immediately wrote an offer, and by early July I was moving in to my new home.

For me, the most telling aspect of her commitment to helping me get the best that I could get was this: at no point did I feel like I was anything less than her top priority. Of course I knew she had other clients to take care of, but whether we were viewing properties or going through paperwork there was no doubt that her focus was 100% in that moment.

Carol helped us purchased our first home. Everything about the house is so ideal we are still living in the same house and loving it. During the search process she was meticulous, patient, and mindful in placing us in just the right house for us. We looked at over hundreds of listings over months of search. We would highly recommend Carol Jeans

Carol was recommended to us by a friend.  She and her assistant Louise, were incredibly thorough, competent, and professional.  We had a price we wanted to meet and Carol counseled that we may struggle to get that price.  So we decided to wait.  Within a couple of months Carol came back to us and said she thought she could get us that price.  She brought us 6 buyers and 1 made an offer at that price.  We never even made it to the MLS.  The whole process was smooth, and as painless as selling a house could be.  I would thoroughly recommend Carol - she knows the market, has excellent judgement and knows everyone.